Introduction To Penny Stock Investing

Penny stocks are companies which trade with share prices less than or equal to $5. Very often, they will sell for less than $1 and hence the name “penny” stocks. As these stocks are so cheap, they do not require a significant amount of capital to own thousands of shares of. If the share price rises by even a few cents, you can’t stand to see a sizable return. However, the opposite could also happen if the share prices drop by a bit.graphic

While their low price is alluring, it is important to keep in mind the pitfalls of penny stocks. They are highly speculative in nature because of small market capitalization, lack of liquidity, large bid-ask spreads and risk of disclosure. However, if you can manage the risk, they are a great option.

Penny Stock Investing Introduction


Penny stocks do not usually trade on major exchanges like NYSE or Nasdaq. Some do, but others fail to comply with rules such as Nasdaq Rule 5550(a) as they have a bid price less than $1 for primary equities. They are primarily traded through Pink Sheets and over-the-counter bulletin boards (OTCBB). OTCBB has some minimum listing requirements while pink sheets are simply quotation publishers. Pink sheet stocks aren’t subject to listing requirements and are not registered with the SEC. Therefore, OTCBB is more legitimate than Pink Sheets which can be riskier.

How to choose a penny stock broker

To start trading in penny stocks, you need a stock broker. Brokers are a very important part of the equation as they provide the infrastructure for trading and can advise and influence the stock you buy. The first thing to note is a broker’s fee structure. Commissions charged on a per share basis a great for those looking to invest a relatively small amount of money into penny stocks. However, if you plan on being a penny stock trader and buy more shares, it would be better to look for a penny stockbroker who charges a relatively low flat rate for every trade.

Some of the top penny stock brokerages regulated by the woman presenting a graphic government of USA are ChoiceTrade, Charles Schwab Corb, Interactive Brokers, Scottrade, TradeKing, and TDAmeritrade. You can not go wrong with any of these options with some charging a commission per share and others a flat rate. Be careful to avoid scams, though. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is not. Anything with low costs and high returns is potentially a fraud.


Penny stocks are a risky and speculative option more suited for experienced investors. However, if you can choose a good broker and manage risk effectively, you can stand to make some good profits.

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Tips for choosing credit score repair services

With the economy being what it is, many people are looking for the best credit score repair services that the market has to offer. There are more individuals than ever before seeking debt relief help and options to repair their credit. This made the market ripe for businesses of this type to appear on every corner. As a result, you have to know the tips for choosing credit score repair services to help you repair your credit. There are many reliable credit repair organizations, available to help you with your credit. But credit repair is something that you can do on your own and some of it you will have to do on your own.

Make your payments on time and pay off your consumer account balances.

credit cardThese are two things that will help get your credit back on track: on-time payments and credit card balances well below the limit.

Ensure the negative entries is being removed.

Before you can delete these entries, you have to know what they are and that means you have to get a copy of your credit report. There are some ways you can get a free copy of your credit report. If you have been declined credit in the past 60 days, you can request your credit report from any of the 3 credit bureaus. It can also be gotten off the internet for free.

When you got a copy of your credit statement, it is time to look what is listed there.

illustration of yellow credit cardsIt will have a lot of things that may not apply to your credit, as such. It will have past employers and businesses that have run checks against your credit. Then there will be the listings of all your consumer accounts and any other types of accounts that you may have.

Look for information that is inaccurate and dispute that information.

Invalid information ends up on credit reports more often than you may think. You will have to write letters to the credit bureaus and inform them that the information is incorrect. They will contact the lender, and if it is not proven that the information is correct within a period, the credit bureau will remove it.

You can do this yourself, but some people will opt to have a credit repair service do this for a fee. Don’t expect your credit to be perfect overnight. It did not get bad in one day, and it will take the time to fix.

For more info check the Lexington Law.

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Birch Gold Review for Gold Investment

Birch Gold Group specializes in selling physical precious metals such as palladium, platinum, silver, and gold, to be taken into an individual retirement account, IRA. It was founded in 2003, and its headquarters are in Burbank, CA. Read this birch gold group review to learn more. The mission of Birch Gold group is to protect individuals and their assets from economic uncertainties, thus securing their hard-earned income from being destroyed.

Birch Gold Ratings

Birch Gold Group has received so many positive remarks among the reviews done on gold buying companies. Among the many gold-buyigold ng online companies, Birch ranks as the 3rd Gold IRA Company with a rating of 4/5 according to, closely following Regal Assets which comes first with 5 out of 5 stars.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has rated them with an A+, and zero client complaints, Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) has rated them with AAA and zero complaints from clients in the past three years, while TrustLink has given them 4.9 stars out of 5.

If you are looking for a sure place to buy valuable metals and secure your future consider Birch Gold Group as it has such impressive ratings from dependable sources. Plus they have over ten years of experience in the industry making them a great deal to consider compared to others in the industry.

In the years, several companies have failed to keep and maintain a track record as Birch Gold group has. This makes it stand out among its others in the industry, making it a haven for you to secure your future.

A minor concern on Bircfine gold barsh Gold Group could be the fact that even though it has been given impressive ratings from BBB, BCA, TrustLink and, the number of reviews is not that big. For instance, TrustLink rates both Birch Gold and Regal Assets 4.9/5 stars. However, the rating for Regal Assets is based on a whole 595 reviews, while Birch Gold’s rating is only based on 45 reviews.

If you are an gold investor looking for a company to help you with your retirement fund, first consider the company and its reputation before you settle for it. A lot of research is needed to make such an important life decision on retirement planning.

You might choose to begin your research on reviewing the ratings given by organizations such as BBB, BCA, and TrustLink, but then the final decision regarding which company to entrust with your IRA depends on you.


Tips on trading with the IC markets

Over the last three years trading with IC Markets, many people have not had many issues and dealing with IC Markets continues to be a delight. Among the list of enormous benefits of dealing with such markets is that they accept deposits in 8 different foreign currencies AUD, USD, CHF, JPY, EUR, HKD, NZD, and GBP.

Being able to fund my primary account and secondary accounts in numerous currencies other than USD which the majority of forex brokers provide means that you don’t have to deal with foreign exchange risk on my cash.

The only risks that you have got to deal with are those bought through your fx trading, and this can be easily be managed with stop loss orders. Therefore you need to understand how to handle IC markets without any loss of cash.

Tips on trading with the IC markets?

1. Asses brokers first

You should first examine the brokers and forempressing trade buttonost by looking at the spreads that they display. Spreads are naturally substantially more important if you are scalping and day trading, however, for those forex traders who hold open long positions, spreads are not something that you ought to be worried about. You should consider the spreads of the brokers in the IC Markets to trade with the best ones who won’t exploit you.

2. Consider slippage

This is also an important aspect to consider if you plan on scalping the market or using high-frequency expert advisors. Slippage at IC Markets does exist though it is negligible and to their credit, they also pass on positive slippage in their client’s favor. If you’re dealing with a True ECN forex provider you need to think about this, however, do not be discouraged as it works both ways, this is particularly the case when trading with IC Markets.

3. Understand the ffunding methods system unding methods

IC Markets also offer some different funding methods like credit card, wire transfer, and Moneybookers. Having a range of funding methods enables you to fund your account at any time without much hassle. Be sure, you will not any problems depositing money or withdrawing it. It is, therefore, crucial to understanding the funding process when you want to trade with the IC markets.

4. Consider ordering latency

Having trades reach the market quickly and receiving deal confirmations rapidly is critical. Remember that the trade speeds at IC Markets every day and the typical execution time is 130 milliseconds, the quickest speed that I have experienced is 40 milliseconds.